The Tel Aviv Convention Center is located at the most strategic spot in the metropolis, which allows for quick and easy access to it from any spot in Israel. The major traffic arteries (Ayalon Freeways, Kvish Geha, Kvish Ha’Hof, Kvish Hamesh) flow directly to it, the nearest train station is located within walking distance of the venue, as well as plentiful bus stations.

That, and more – adjacent to the various pavilions visitors can enjoy the hundreds of upper and lower tier parking spaces, with thousands more parking spaces within the perimeter.

By Car

Ayalon South: For those arriving from the north exit left at the Rokach interchange
Ayalon North: For those arriving from the south exit right at the Rokach interchange
Exit at the Convention Center interchange and follow the signsץ


There are approximately 2,200 parking spaces within the Convention Center, including the Heichal Ha’Sport parking lot and the nearby Ha’Rakevet parking lot. Parking in the Convention Center is available for a fee and the onsite parking system is monitored and automated.

Payment for parking is made using automated machines scattered throughout the site.
Parking in Convention Center lots is conditioned on availability.

By Public Transportation:

Rakevet Yisrael – The University train station is near the Tel Aviv Convention Center – Rakevet Yisrael website
Egged – Bus number 521 – Egged website
Dan – Buses numbers 12, 22, 40, 89, 189, 389 – Dan website
Metropolin – Buses numbers 47, 48, 247 from Tel Aviv center and Raanana/Kefar Saba/Herzliya/Ramat Ha’Sharon – Metropolin website
Kavim – Bus number 137 – Kavim website