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IMTM 2017, the 23rd annual international tourism exhibition, Tel Aviv, February 7-8, 2017. IMTM is the official and only professional exhibition for the tourism trade market in Israel. The meeting place and trendsetter for the global and local tourist industry.

IMTM 2017 – Capture YOUR share of this quality travel market. Per capita, Israelis travel abroad more than any other nation in the world. Israelis make 4,000,000 high budget trips per year, averaging 4-10 day stays; a traveling public always thirsty for both exotic and classic destinations.

IMTM 2017 – Once again, the winning showcase for worldwide tourism and business in Israel, with thousands of eager visitors.

Every aspect of Israel’s tourism and travel market

IMTM features exhibitors representing just about every aspect of Israel’s tourism market - incoming tourism, domestic tourism and outgoing tourism, alongside a significant number of exhibitors from overseas. The fair is highlighted by professional workshops, seminars and press conferences. IMTM is also attended by groups of agents from abroad with the framework of tours to Israel organized by the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

Meet with colleagues, buyers and suppliers of travel services

IMTM gives tourism professionals an opportunity to meet with colleagues, buyers and suppliers. Eco-tourism, wellness or cultural tourism, beach holidays or city breaks, package deals or tailor-made trips… All these options can be seen on-site, and discussed during the conferences, events and presentations that are held in conjunction with the exhibition. 

Private Israeli travelers in search of new attractions and holiday destinations

In previous years, mornings were set aside for trade professionals while in the afternoons large numbers of visitors from the public at large, arrive in search of new attractions and holiday destinations. This year, trade professional's hours were expended until 19:00.

Supported by Israel Ministry of Tourism, Israel Hotel Association, Israel Tourist and Travel Agents Association and Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association

IMTM 2016 is held under the auspices of Israel Ministry of Tourism, their continued support insures a significant promotional budget. Other sponsors are the Israel Hotel Association, as well as EL AL Israel Airlines , Israel Tourist & Travel Agents Association and Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association.