Exhibit|Exhibition Manual


Setup Days

Monday, February 6, 2017

Set up of booths size 40 sq.m and up  |  from 07:00
Entrance to exhibitors in open spaces  |  from 12:00
Entrance to exhibitors in constructed booths  |  from 14:00
Set up activities will be allowed  |  until midnight

Exhibitors, who require additional equipment such as counters, bar chairs, tables, chairs, fliers' stand etc., should apply in advance to Sharon Sharabi at Sukonik. Tel: +972-3-6830044, mobile: +972-50-2051055, Email: office@sukonik.net.
List of additional equipment, included prices is available HERE.

Exhibition Days

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Finalizing set-ups  |  07:00-09:00
Opening Ceremony  |  10:00-11:00
Visiting hours for Trade Professionals  |  10:30-19:00
Visiting hours for the General Public  |  14:00-19:00

The ceremony will take place in the presence of Israel’s Minister of Tourism, ambassadors, press & leading members of the local tourism industry.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Visiting hours for Trade Professionals  |  09:00-18:00
Visiting hours for the General Public  |  14:00-18:00
Dismantling  |  18:00-23:59*

IMTM Program – professional conferences, events and commercial presentations for tourism professionals and for the public, will be held during exhibition days. Further details will be published in trade magazines and on IMTM Hebrew & English sites.*NOTE – all spaces must be completely vacated till midnight.

IMTM Business Lounge – the lounge, provided by the organizers for meetings between exhibitors and buyers, is now larger than ever and will be open during exhibition hours. Entrance is by exhibitors` badges only. Exhibitors may host one guest at a time.



An advertising campaign has been launched in trade magazines and will be accompanied by editorials and “IMTM News” segments.


HTML invitations to visit the fair were sent to travel agents and tourism professionals.
If you wish to receive invitations to send to your clients, please contact Mrs. Deborah Ben David at Ortra Ltd. Tel: 972-3-6384444, Email: deborah@ortra.com.
We don't charge visitors for entrance fee.



  1. Entrance, parking and unloading:

Entrance - During exhibition days, vehicles entrance to the Fairgrounds will be via the Western administrative gate (G1) or via Rokach Blvd gate (G9) for those arriving from the North. During set-up days, entrance will be possible via the Western administrative gate only. The initial entrance will be done by taking a parking ticket.

Free Parking - Parking labels for exhibitors can be collected at the Organizers` office as of Monday, February 9th. Parking labels will be given on a basis of 1 per 24 sq.m). The parking labels are daily.

Parking with Surcharge - Daily parking labels at the special rate are available for purchase at The Israel Trade Fair & Convention Center, Tel Aviv Fairgrounds. For details please contact Mr. Yaacob Liav: 972-3-6404460, liav@fairs.co.il

Loading / Unloading - Trucks and vans will be permitted to load / unload at the rear entrances of the building, however vehicles must vacate the area immediately afterwards.

Private cars will be directed to the underground parking, in order to load / unload equipment by using the freight elevator. 

  1. Exhibitors` Badges

Exhibitors' badges, with no charge, can be ordered online HERE and collected at the registration desk in Pavilion 1, from February 6 between 10:00-18:00. Note that badges can also be ordered on-site on February 6, set up day from 10:00 and on February 7-8. You can order on-line badges for all Exhibitors in the stand with no charge.

  1. Signage (for standard booths)

Standard booths will bear the name of the exhibitor in English (up to 10 characters in each line per each 1 m. of the booth's front). Hebrew can be added upon request, providing there is enough space. If you did not forward your signage form, please fax or mail it to Limor ASAP at limor@ortra.com.

  1. Listing in the Exhibition Application, Catalogue & Website

Listings in the Exhibition Application, Catalogue & Website, including a link to the exhibitor’s website, are included in the exhibition rates. All visitors will receive the catalogue free of charge.

Application, Catalogue & Website on-line Registration Form will be available soon.

Exhibitors who did not complete the Catalogue & Website online Registration Form until January 11, 2017, will NOT appear on the list of exhibitors' signage and the exhibition catalogue.

  1. Electricity and Furniture

Exhibitors in open spaces or in standard booths, who require additional electricity and/or furniture (desks, bar stools, chairs, tables, flyers stand etc.) and did not make a reservation, should apply in advance Sharon Sharabi at Sukonik. Tel: 972-3-6830044, mobile: 972-50-2051055, Email: office@sukonik.net.

  1. Internet Access

Rates for wireless internet service (WI FI) will be provided upon request.

ADSL can also be purchased. For reservations, please contact:

Mr. Morag Shaya, Tel: 972-52-3611641, Email: morag@b-zone.co.il.

  1. Water and Drainage

Rates for water connection and drainage will be provided upon request.

For reservations, please contact Limor, Email: limor@ortra.com

  1. Audiovisual Equipment Rental Services

Exhibitors, who wish to rent AV equipment for their stands, such as TV or Plasma screens, DVD, VCR, etc, may contact Mr. Ofer Serfaty, UltraRent Ltd., Tel: +972-52-2800066, E-mail: main@ultrarent.co.il

  1. Security Services

The Organizers will provide peripheral security on the nights of February 6 and February 7. Those who wish to hire their own security guards should contact Shefa Security Ltd., Mr. Eli Moyal, Tel. 972-3-5374246, Email: eli@shefasecurity.co.il.

  1. Insurance

Any company that participates in the exhibition is doing so at its sole responsibility and liability. Any such company must maintain an adequate insurance policy with a sufficient coverage for its property, employees, representatives and any visitors participating in the exhibition against any risk, loss and damage, of any kind whatsoever. It being clarified that an absence of such insurance policy or an invalidity of any such insurance policy shall neither derogate, in any manner, from the company's liabilities and responsibilities hereunder nor create a liability or responsibility of such kind for Ortra or anyone on its behalf, and Ortra will not be liable, whether financially or otherwise, towards any third party whatsoever in respect of any risk, loss and damage incurred by any third party, including the company or anyone on its behalf.

  1. Food & Beverages

The organizers and exhibitors are not permitted to sell, serve, or provide food and beverages within the convention center site and in the display stands of the exhibitors, unless by means of the food franchise-holders of the convention center.

For catering companies that to operate in convention center, please contact our secretariat: imtm@ortra.com

The only exception to this regulation, are food & beverages that are inseparable parts of the display.

For instance: wine from the Galilee, representing a winery in the Galilee Tourism Association stand or olive oil from the Golan Heights in the Golan Heights Tourism Association stand, will be allowed for tasting. On  the  other hand, exhibitors who wish to serve  sandwiches,  snacks, popcorn,  coffee etc., which are supplied by bar, food and catering service providers, or exhibitors who wish to rent coffee machines, popcorn machines etc., must use one of the franchise-holders listed above.

If you need more information or are unsure whether the food / beverages that you plan to bring can be considered an inseparable part of your display, please check in advance with Limor at limor@ortra.com, in order to avoid inconvenience during the exhibition.


The cafeteria of Pavilion 2 will be open on February 9 and during exhibition days. The “Yellow” convenience store located outside the fairgrounds near Rokach Road (Gate 9) is open 24/7. Exhibitors who wish to purchase lunch / refreshment vouchers for their staff should contact Neto Investment Ltd.

Email: ariel@netoinv.com, Tel. 00972-50-7566167.

  1. Tourist Services & FREE Shuttle Service

Exhibitors who wish to reserve accommodation, tours, transfers, or rent a car, should contact Ortra, Mrs. Joanna Marciano Joanna@ortra.com , Tel: 972-3-6384477.

IMTM courtesy Shuttle Service will operate between Tel Aviv hotel district and the Fairgrounds. 

Pick up points from south to north are:

  • Dan Panorama Hotel (Herbert Samuel Street)
  • Trumpeldor Street corner of Hayarkon St.
  • Across the street from the Dan Hotel
  • Next to Leonardo Basel Hotel
  • Next to Melody Hotel (Jabotinsky Street corner of Hayarkon Street)
  • Next to the Grand Beach Hotel

The bus stop at the Fairgrounds is located under the Pedestrians Bridge.

Departure times are:

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

From Dan Panorama Hotel at:                07:30, 09:00, 14:00 & 16:00

From the Fairgrounds at:                         11:00, 15:00, 17:00 & 19:30

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

From Dan Panorama Hotel:                    08:00, 09:30, 13:00 & 16:00

From the Fairgrounds:                              11:30, 15:00, 17:00 & 18:30

  1. Animals

According to the business license terms (as of October 2011) of The Israel Trade Fair & Convention Center, animals / birds of any kind are not allowed inside the exhibition area.

  1. Safety Regulations
  1. Exhibitors in open spaces are required to submit their design plan for prior approval by the secretariat.  The designs should be sent to Limor at limor@ortra.com.
  2. A certificate of approval by a certified construction engineer must be submitted for each construction over 2.5 meters high.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to bring Popcorn machines into the exhibition area.
  4. Hanging banners from the ceiling of the pavilion, since the ceiling of Pavilion 2 is very high, banners can be hanged only with a special crane, operated by a qualified technician, at an extra cost. Those wishing to order this service, please contact Mr. Avi Leibowitz, of Simul Ltd. Tel: 972-54-2616601, Email: avil@simul.co.il.
  5. Equipment used for demonstrations, must comply with Israel safety regulations.
  6. IMPORTANT: exhibits should not be taken in or out of booths during visiting hours.  Furthermore, it is strictly forbidden to dismantle display materials and equipment prior to the official closing time of the exhibition, i.e. 18:00 on Wednesday, February 11. For the sake of safety and good order, please plan your logistical arrangements accordingly.
  7. Exhibitors must avoid obstruction, noise, or anything that could cause inconvenience to other exhibitors.
  8. Smoking in Pavilion 1 is strictly forbidden.

Exhibitors are requested to complete and return the Safety Regulation Form to the Secretariat ASAP. 

  1. Cleaning Services

  1. The organizers will provide cleaning services for public spaces only. Exhibitors are responsible for cleaning their own booths/ exhibition spaces. Those wishing to purchase cleaning services (23 NIS + VAT per each sqm) should contact Ms. Limor Urfaly, Ortra Ltd at limor@ortra.com.
  2. Immediately after the opening of IMTM the Minister of Tourism, his guests and members of the press will visit the exhibition. Therefore empty package materials i.e. boxes, cartons etc. should be placed in the aisles no later than 08:00 and displays should be ready no later than 10:00.
  3. Exhibitors are requested to flatten/ squash empty packages/ cartons.
  4. Storage space for empty packages / crates will be available on the 2nd floor of the building, as indicated on-site by the organizers.


  1. Customs & Forwarding

Goods delivered to the fair should be addressed as follow:

IMTM 2017 Exhibition, Stand No. X, Pavilion No.2, Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center, Rokach Blvd. Ganei Ha`Taarucha, Tel Aviv 61210, Israel.

The official customs & forwarding agent of IMTM is Haim Nathaniel Ltd.

Contact person: Mr. Ezra Izy Levy, Freight Forwarding Manager. Tel: 972-3-7104799, Fax: 972-3-5604777, Cell: 972-53-6619051, E-mail: ezra@nathaniel.co.il

NOTE: Goods are NOT to be delivered to the Fairgrounds prior to February 6, 2017.


  1. Payments

Outstanding balances should be paid to Ortra Ltd. not later than February 1, 2017.


  1. IMTM Secretariat (C/O Ortra Ltd.)

Tel. 972-3-6384444, Fax. 972-3-6384455

Email: imtm@ortra.com

Website: 2017.imtm-telaviv.com


  1. Contact persons on-site (as of February,6)

Limor Urfaly: 972-54-7001770

Michel Orion: 972-52-8928929


We wish you an enjoyable stay in Israel and a successful exhibition!

IMTM Organizers

Setup Days

Monday, February 6, 2017


Set up of booths size 40 sq.m and up
Entrance to exhibitors in open spaces
Entrance to exhibitors in constructed booths
Set up activities will be allowed

from 07:00
from 12:00
from 14:00
until midnight

Exhibition Days

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Opening Ceremony
Visiting hours for Trade Professionals
Visiting hours for the General Public


Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Visiting hours for Trade Professionals
Visiting hours for the General Public


*NOTE – all spaces must be completely vacated till midnight.