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The annual International Tourism Exhibition IMTM 2017 will take place on February 7-8 in Pavilion 2 at the Tel Aviv Convention Center, with representatives from about 40 countries participating

The 23rd annual International Tourism Exhibition IMTM 2017 – International Mediterranean Tourism Market – will take place at the Tel Aviv Convention Center on February 7-8, 2017

Following attendance of about 20,000 visitors at last year’s exhibition, the IMTM will take place this year in the new Pavilion 2 at the Tel Aviv Convention Center.

Representatives of about 40 countries and regions will participate in the exhibition, including: Bulgaria, Russia, Romania, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Belarus, Spain, Catalonia, Finland, Lapland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Georgia, the US, Portugal, Malta, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, India, Korea, the Philippines, Nepal, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Japan, South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana, Morocco, Ecuador, Panama, and others.

The international tourism exhibition has gained momentum in recent years, and has become the flagship event of the incoming and outgoing tourism industry in Israel.  The change in location and the move to Pavilion 2 - are a result of the increase in the number of participants and the desire to improve and renew the look of the exhibition and the possibilities for presenters.  

Pavilion 2 is a smart-versatile-space covering about 6000 square meters and reaching a height of 20 meters.

Eyal Shmueli, publisher of Israel Travel News, and founder of the IMTM exhibition, said: “we are proud to continue holding the International Tourism Exhibition for the 23rd year.  The exhibition has gained a good reputation in the tourism industry both in Israel and abroad, and provides connections for decision-makers, businesspeople, suppliers and consumers.  In recent years, the exhibition has become a central networking place in the tourism industry, where deals are made, the next trendy destinations are discovered, and technological innovations that redefine the tourism field – are presented.  

The exhibition is tremendously important for the global tourism industry and also for the State of Israel - which hosts the exhibition, and we are honored to hold the exhibition this year as well.

IMTM is the oldest annual event in the Israeli tourism industry, and is organized by "Artra Ltd" and the "Israel Travel News", in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism and sponsored by the "Israel Hotels Association", the "Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association", the "Tel Aviv-Jaffa Tourism Organization", El Al, the "Travel Channel", and the "Israel Travel Agents Association".

IMTM is intended for all businesses in the various tourism-related industries – domestic tourism, incoming tourism, and countries and tourism authorities from abroad. The exhibition regularly features a wide variety of Israeli presenters: tourism organizations from all over the country; airlines, hotels, car-rental companies, cruise-lines, service-providers, and attractions of various kinds in the tourism field.  The exhibition includes professional meetings and conferences and a program for invited agents, as part of which hundreds of decision-makers from around the world come to market Israel as a tourism destination